Forage wants to elevate the date night experience. Preparing a meal becomes a fun and romantic adventure, scouring the city for the most select and high quality ingredients. Forage combines the passion we have for each other with our love of excellent, hand prepared cuisine.

The objective: craft a clever way finding system via an app and augmented reality. Why not tour a new city, or reacquaint yourself to your own with a loved one? And end up with the ingredients to a beautiful recipe revealed at the end? The goal was to make the journey the focus – a chance to explore and play for the sake of a good meal.





Forage: open, airy, friendly, and intriguing.






Our user was carefully researched. Forage needed clean and simple Ui, that was soothing and modern.





Five clues. Five illustrations rendered into 3-D models. The magic of augmented reality allowed these illustrations to come to life – when the user places their phone near the geo tagged item, these flashy clues appear, and appear in 3-D! Each clue gave a nudge as to the next item needed to complete their hunt.




Way finding was carefully mapped in consideration of ease of user experience, proximities of locations, and the theme of the recipe.




App screens take you through the home page and the set up process. A a taste of the end.

Lastly, and proudly, we created a short video showcasing our app and its capabilities. It’s a lighthearted video – reflecting a lighthearted and decidely different app.




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