Taking Care of Business.

Sometimes even harder than working for a client is working for yourself. Devising a personal brand feels momentous – my first foray into the design world. My personal brand is my calling card. It must be well thought out and reflective of who I am as a person.

I have long felt special ties to certain animals. Owls, foxes and hound dogs represent important moments and creatures in my life. I knew I needed to start my personal brand here. And the first step to creating a personal brand was to concept and create a business card. Animals are representative of me, so I began there.

I created vector shapes of an owl, a fox, a hound dog, and a unicorn. The unicorn represents my own unique flair. It also alludes to the job and career I want – the opportunity to be a unicorn and be an integral member of my future team. Once the vector images were created I had custom stamps made for each animal. Quite a steal from rubberstamps.com.


Color is an important part of my brand identity. I’m a quirky and energetic designer. The colors should reflect that and above all be fun and playful. Enter the neons.


A bright neon orange, blue, purple, and pink would serve my irreverent personality well.

The magic of these business cards lies in how I manipulated the stamps. Each card would present as an exquisite corpse – two halves of different animals making it possible to mix and match the cards, creating weird creatures in a very playful way.


The results were tremendous. The front of the card was kept simple, so as to not compete with the explosion of color and shapes on the back. The font for my name is Creampuff, a delightful retro throwback while still being modern and fun.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 12.23.41 PM

My business card properly represents me. My card is enticing and fresh. Hopefully capable of drumming up some business for my fledgling designer career.

Ready for business.



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