Propaganda Poster

Role: Art Director, Illustrator

Timeframe: 2 Weeks

Tools: Illustrator, Indesign

Goal: To create captivating poster about pet peeves, in the style of WPA posters.

Parameters: 18×24, print poster

Challenges: Limited to copy derived from classmates, giving the WPA style a fresh new modern feel.

Solution: Playful joke in reference to The Shining, to clearly convey the poster’s message. The creepy overtures draw the viewer in, allowing them to have a laugh at how the imagery plays with the message.

This poster was to be done in the style of old WPA posters. In class, various messages were hashed out regarding popular personal pet peeves in society. I picked from the student-driven copy, landing on “It takes two! Navigate the hallways courteously”. This copy alludes to the way personal space can be compromised, people not paying attention to where they are going. I knew I wanted a humorous response to this message. Something to brighten up the copy and really drive the message home.

Enter The Shining twins. Forever locked in our hearts as a definitely creepy duo to tangle with. Using this imagery would really sell the message. Nothing beats an invasion of personal space like two creepy little girls.

My challenge for this poster was to marry the copy to the imagery. My first iteration only had the slogan, and no context as to where this poster might be placed.


From this I finessed the kerning and decided to switch up the fonts. I found a fantastic font pairing and added Seattle Central Creative Academy to it – to give the poster a landing space. This could easily be plastered throughout the halls of the school. I also shortened the hallway, giving the effect that the twins are closer than they appear.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 2.27.48 PM

The result is a funny jab at a personal pet peeve. Something memorable and inspiring of a good laugh.

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