Bliss Luxury Cereal

Role: Art Director, Copywriter, Stylist, Creator of Cereal

Collaboration: Catie Holderman

Photographer: Tristan Fairchok

Timeframe: 5 weeks

Tools: Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop

Goals: Make a convincing and popular cereal advertising campaign and pop-up shop.

Parameters: Landing page, video, packaging, cereal, print ads, environmental and viral advertising.

Challenges: Limited timeframe to execute all deliverables.

Solution: Create not just a luxury cereal but a luxury experience. Build a luxe pop-up shop that remains true to the luxury brand.

Bliss is a taste of luxury. It is cereal redefined. Given the opportunity to create a cereal, Catie and I decided to create something never heard of before, a luxury cereal. This is for the jet-setter crowd, a purchase only afforded by the rich, looking for something new to satisfy their tastebuds. Enter Bliss.

The first stop was devising the brand. We needed a classy, yet strong logo to convey our message of elegance. Bliss is a luxury dessert cereal that was created to stand out from any other cereal. Catie and I were tasked to make a cereal brand, but we wanted to do something over the top and different. While others wanted to make something that you could find on the shelf right now, we wanted to reinvent the way you do cereal. It all starts with the ingredients, and we knew that ordinary ingredients just wouldn’t cut it; so we chose to get dessert items imported from Holland, making this a high end quality of product. Since we wanted something that was a luxury item we wanted the logo to be strong, and something that could handle being part of a brand expansion, something that could speak to more than just cereal. We wanted to think of how our brand would expand beyond just one product. This is what we came up with for our logo:Lekkar-logo

We used the typeface ACT Rosemary, to give a luxurious yet bold feel. The accompanied graphic mixes thicks with thins to exude decadence and refined glamour.



Lekkar_FinalPresentation2Our common user was anything but extraordinary. They are a jet-setter, and able to purchase anything to their whim. Bliss is a luxury indulgence, and it’s key demographic is those who can afford to taste the new and exciting.


Our ingredients had to be special – imported from Holland and delivering the maximum flavor in luxury taste. The key to our cereal was Stroopwafel, a delicacy from Holland, supported by the luxury indulgence of gold flakes and specialty chocolates. We scrounged the city of Seattle for these luxury ingredients, finding an import shop with all that we needed.

Lekkar_FinalPresentation4 We knew the packaging had to be special. Decadent and luxurious. Gold paper was used for the base, while thicker cardstock made the lid of the packaging, the brand prominent and full center.Lekkar_FinalPresentation5





As a luxury brand we wanted to extend it beyond cereal. We decided to pair Bliss with a luxury dessert wine. Lekkar_FinalPresentation6Lekkar_FinalPresentation8

Bliss came to its culmination when we executed a pop-up shop. We handmade walls screaming of our brand, with Bliss loud and proud, and the logo complimentary adorning it in gold and black. The pop-up shop not only promoted our cereal, but conveyed an ambience. An ambience of wealth and luxury. We strove to create an unique space and feeling. With luxury items, down to the milk served in shot glasses, we promoted an ambience of luxury and decadence. During this pop-up shop we gained specific insight into how the public received our vision.










We looked to users to see how Bliss affected it’s audience.

Lekkar_FinalPresentation10 last2



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